Bea Benkova 

Global Transformational Leader & CEO GIFEW

I am very privileged to have known and collaborated with Sandra Epstein over many years. She is one of the most amazing people I know. We met by what seemed an unlikely co-incidence and it turned out to be the synchronistic event that changed our futures forever.

Sandra is a visionary woman with many extraordinary gifts. She can tune into people with remarkable empathy and insight. For me she truly connects the wisdom of the Atlantic rainforest with sound expertise and a deep caring for people.

She is very special and her holistic research and teaching expresses her creative mind, warm heart and feminine strength to encourage and support profound personal transformation and collaboration on the planet.”

Jan Polak

Master Practitioner and Master Trainer in Wealth Dynamics

Sandra Epstein is a beautiful person and a remarkably innovative educator. She can connect to people on so many levels always being a shining sun of love, wisdom and transformation.


I appreciate that Sandra can be both visionary and grounded, playful and practical. Under her gentle guidance I have seen people transform their whole view of life in one conversation.

I know that with Sandra around problems turn into opportunities and struggle into meaningful growth. Sandra’s presence has been one of my live’s greatest gifts.”

Lenka Siwkova

Management and Strategy SpecialistFamily and Life Coach

“Our cooperation with Sandra Epstein is like the pure spirit of the Atlantic Rainforest – abundant in love, trust, friendship, support, creativity, courage, innovation, clarity, respect, action, nourishment.

It is simply FULL OF LIFE!

I feel deep gratefulness for meeting her and her essences, and for the living opportunity of weaving our life missions. Sandra is a creator of a unique therapeutic and educational system – Araretama Emotional Fitness – and I cooperate with her to develop it and share it with the world as a teacher, workshop organizer and distributor.

We spread seeds of Rainforest Wisdom, showing the world that IT IS possible to live life with happiness, healthily cooperating and supporting each other.”

Fiona Arrigo 

Founder of the Arrigo programme

“Sandra Epstein‘s work is exceptional, she brings a blend of amazing intuition, deep empathy, great knowledge, powered with extraordinary vision to all her sessions.


Sandra works powerfully as a guide to our clients at the arrigoprogramme with her Ararêtama essences, to help bring integrated change for these times.

I cannot recomend Sandras work more highly.”

Carsteen Sann
IT Expertise
Owner of Der Essenzenladen

What I really love about Sandra Epstein‘s work and the Araretama System is their almost tangible connection to the Rainforest and its concept of cooperation, instead of competition: through them, I feel a direct connection with the above message.

This idea needs to be spread all over the world, and the Ararêtama Rainforest Essences are truly worthy ambassadors for this message.

I am looking forward to cooperating with Sandra to help spread the message and offer people such amazing tools as the Ararêtama Rainforest Essences to proceed on their own healing path.

Ararêtama Essences are amazing tools for those who want to proceed in their own healing path.”

Linda Berger
Coach for life and business

“Sandra Epstein‘s Workshops are incredibly rich. They connect the most progressive discoveries eg. neuroplasticity, quantum biology etc. with ancient human knowledge.

This is enriched with the wisdom and presence of the Atlantic rainforest and Sandra’s charismatic personality.

Everything merges the the rhythm of dance and life. I recommend them to everyone!”

Svetlana Sopkova 
Self development and healthy lifestyle consultant

“Araretama, developed by Sandra Epstein, came into my life in 2005 and completely changed my life. The Araretama Mandala gave me possibility to see my real talent and ability to work with people. The essence Suri helped me to finally decide to leave my old job, get rid of the fear and in 2006 I came out with the idea of opening a health center.
My hobby became my work, and I Love it !

Araretama, with the power of Brazilian Rainforest, is for me the fastest way to release everything what is stopping us from being happy and free … We can’t afford to waste time!

Sandra Epstein is for me the example of a real woman of power … she taught me, as well as hundreds of women, how to use our creative energy, how to strenghten our pesonality, how to find balance in our relationships. Her workshops are very strong, full of dancing, movement, joy – absolutely extraordinary for our 21st century.

She is always many years ahead of everybody in her healing techniques, always sharing new ideas, information, new essences. She inspired me to spread the message of the rainforest amongst people through workshops, mandala groups, etc. Araretama is giving us unending possibilities to improve our lifes … Sandra, Thank You for ARARETAMA!”