Araretama Essences from the Heart of the Atlantic Rainforest

Ararybá sem fundo.png




Through my solidity and receptiveness, the divine manifests itself, fulfilling me with projects and realizations.

Benefits: Helps us comprehend our mission and the desires of our soul, strengthening our wish to make them come true. Organizes thoughts. Brings inspiration to one’s physical state. Intensifies our telepathic capacity. Prepares us to encounter divinity. Opens oneself to donation. Allows global vision. Brings balance and concentration. Opens up one’s interior space. Protects. Maintains a centred personal identity. Promotes, awareness, attention and focus. Awakens us to our mission. Excellent for accomplishing projects.

Symptoms: Hypersensitivity due to environmental stress. Lack of equilibrium and concentration. Claustrophobia. Difficulty in seeing the whole. Having a disconnected state in relation to one’s physical body. Being Susceptible to collective behavior. Lack of protection.

Assá sem fundo.png


Tenderness, Grattitude, Compassion, Forgiveness


I feel blessed for being alive and the planet, untangling the knots of pain through forgiveness and gratitude.

Benefits: Supplies light, love and strength. Allows compassion. Cleans and tones chakras. Works on the interior victim. Opens up towards gratitude; allows forgiveness and generosity. Cleans negative psychological patterns. Balances love and power. Acts as co-worker and helper in chemical dependency treatments. Strengthens self-love.

Symptoms: Jealousy. Feeling guilty. Sexual and emotional abuse. Feeling inferior, self-doom. Constantly feeling failure, competitiveness. The deference with one’s own negativity. Resentment and grief. Egocentrism. A sensation of unfair treatment and feeling self-pity. Difficulty in accepting others’ success. Self disapproval. Sufferings and pains. Co-dependency. Need for attention.

Bromélia 1 sem fundo.png

Bromélia 1

Opening, Receptiveness


I am the feminine principle of openness and receptiveness. My being is fulfilled with healing light.

Benefits: Leads to profound physical and emotional relaxation; has the power to dissolve incrusted resistances of our soul. Works on overly excited feelings and balances adrenaline flux. Promotes deep and calm breathing. Offers flexibility. Works on the feminine, intuitive side. Excellent for childbirth and for body activities, such as massage. Helps to assimilate.

Symptoms: Mental and emotional rigidity. Overload, pressure and tension. Fanatic attitude or excessive discipline; repression. Fear. Arrogance. Muscular and nervous pain. Liquid and toxins retention.

Bromélia 2 sem fundo.png

Bromélia 2



I access shadow without fear, dignifying it in the encounter with my own light. My heart is the temple of this union.

Benefits: Integrates sexuality and spirituality. Awakens kundalini. Brings peace, relieve, and humbleness. Works on emotional and psychic dualities, balancing one’s heart. Develops the strength of one’s feminine power. Allows contact with our instincts without fear. Clarifies one’s sexual identity. Opens up for spirituality without fanatic attitudes. Liberates emotions and hidden feelings integrating them in a harmonious way.

Symptoms: Ambivalent actions. Envy, jealousy, suspicion, negative thoughts. Difficulty in giving access to compassion. Repressed aggression. Spirituality without anchoring. Tyranny and domination. The shame of one’s sexuality in favour of supposedly suitable behaviour.

Cajá sem fundo.png




I feel protected and centred by my inner strength!

Benefits: Strength, action, reaction, protection. It gives access to the inner strength required to finish all activities without losing aim and focus. It provides a huge sense of protection.

Symptoms: Fear, frailty, vulnerability.

Caju sem fundo.png


Creativity, Fertility


Fertility overflows, thus me making myself creative and unconditionally happy.

Benefits: Strengthens and connects us with the elements that bring us joy. Excellent for physical and metaphysical fertility. Excellent in periods of menopause and andropause. Works on creativity. Excellent for transforming stagnating periods into rebirths. Excellent for pregnancy. Strengthens our vitality. Guides us towards what brings us happiness.

Symptoms:  Sadness. Lack of energy and creativity. Infertility. Impotence. Menopause and andropause. Finalizing life cycles with a lack of enthusiasm for a new beginning.

Celebração sem fundo.png


Confidence and Happiness


I structure my being with confidence as a disciple of my interior master.

Benefits: Helps build up confidence during transition periods. Allows recognition and clarification of negative thought patterns. Inspires confident and pleasing actions at one’s daily job. Promotes celebration and joy of living. Develops expression. Brings light into one’s interior, cleaning and expanding it (in centrifugal and centripetal movements). Promotes recognition of one’s interior knowledge and the necessary receptiveness to ease its expression.

Symptoms: Submission. Doubts and uncertainties; insecurity. Lack of confidence. Lack of stimulus. Lack of joy in living. Excessive vulnerability. The solitude and lack of hope. Difficulty in expressing thoughts and feelings. Fanatic approach toward sects, religions, and masters.

Deli sem fundo.png




My perception is beyond me; it turns me into a sensitive, thoughtful and empathetic person

Benefits: It sharpens the senses, opens up to dreams; provides empathy ability. it helps in the process to seek a balance of the physical body with appropriate nutrition and exercises.

Symptoms: Difficulty to keep the discipline on the physical body, exercises and appropriate food intake. Thoughts and emotions are excessively self-centred.

Eloah sem fundo.png




Under the protection of my inner temple I completely express my strength.

Benefits: Inner dialogue; emotional and mental clarity; vision of the future; organization; praxis; synchronism; focus; profit; objectivity; maximum of available vitality; expanded perception; dignity; awareness of emotional shadows.

Symptoms: Difficulty in taking clear attitudes; difficulty in becoming clearly aware of situations; lack of personal dignity; ambivalence; uncertainty.

Embó Rudá sem fundo.png

Embó - Rudá 



I incarnate with strength and fertilize earth with sensorial sensibility.

Benefits: Incentives the act of giving based on confidence. Contacts emotional fields, our symbolic interior waters; allows fluency. Opens the internal vision, promotes meditation and deep breathing. Promotes peace in one’s spirit. Alleviates muscular and nervous tension. Helps in panic syndrome treatment. Helps overcome conflicts and daily difficulties. Allows access to the internal sacred space. Inspires confidence throughout the process of incarnation. Acts as a co-worker in chemical dependency treatments.

Symptoms: Difficulty in integrating sexuality and sensuality. Disconnection. Congested menstrual flow. Pessimism. Impatience. Difficulty in concentrating. Difficulty in getting pregnant. Lack of sensibility. PMS- pre menstrual syndrome.

Imbe sem fundo.png




I give myself self-knowledge and respect my internal silence. In that way, I respect myself and others.

Benefits: Incentives the act of giving based on confidence. Contacts emotional fields, our symbolic interior waters; allows fluency. Opens the internal vision, promotes meditation and deep breathing. Promotes peace in one’s spirit. Alleviates muscular and nervous tension. Helps in panic syndrome treatment. Helps overcome conflicts and daily difficulties. Allows access to the internal sacred space. Inspires confidence throughout the process of incarnation. Acts as a co-worker in chemical dependency treatments.

Symptoms: Compulsiveness for food and alcohol. Addictions. Difficulty in getting in touch with emotions. Conflicts in relationships. Obsession. Hyperactive mind. Insomnia and hypertension. Difficulty in relaxing and meditating. Water phobia. Fear of intimacy.

Indaiá sem fundo.png




I delicately open my internal sacred temple living in harmony with the purity of my heart.

Benefits: Accepts our natural innocence. Dissolves compulsive mental patterns, manifested through repetitive thoughts. Heals pain caused by lack of self-esteem. Emphasizes humbleness and compassion. Heals sexual abuse, verbal or emotional traumas. Changes conceptions of impure to sacred sexuality. Dissolves social masks and strengthens our interior purity.

Symptoms: Obsessive and repetitive thoughts. Internal repression or projected externally in other people with repressive behaviour. Egocentrism. Fear of exposure. Fear of opening sexually and emotionally. Hypersensitivity.

Jumping Child sem fundo.png

Jumping Child



I am the principle of movement, the generator of spontaneous and creative expression bringing joy and hope to the planet.

Benefits: Transforms crystallized and stagnated emotions in positive feelings. Teaches us to avoid undesirable experiences. Contacts our true enthusiasm core. Brings joy in living, disposition for leisurely and animated activities, as well as happiness and sense of humour.  Helps develop self-expression spontaneously. Helps treat emotional depression (anguish, solitude, melancholy). Brings the fourth charka strong vibrational energy, thus distributing it throughout the body. Promotes fluid verbal expression. Anchors and helps centralize those who are extremely dispersive.

Symptoms: Hypersensitivity due to environmental stress. Lack of equilibrium and concentration. Claustrophobia. Difficulty in seeing the whole. Having a disconnected state in relation to one’s physical body. Being Susceptible to collective behaviour. Lack of protection.

Kundaline sem fundo.png



I weld in dance my masculine and feminine strengths and lighten them in communion within my heart.

Benefits: Security in one’s potential. Creates equilibrium between one’s actions and goals, and between our affection and perception. Develops our communication with everything that is alive. Opens energy channels along our spinal chord. Controls dispersive actions and uneasiness. Channels and transforms instinctive sexual desire into metaphysical communion. Gives courage and the ability to be a leader.

Symptoms: Doubts. Vulnerability and hypersensitivity. Impulsiveness. The necessity of pleasing others. Insecurity. Loss of sense of divinity in the union between masculine and feminine. Sexual restriction. Excessive questioning and doubts regarding professional and personal accomplishments. Loss of faith regarding our own internal light. Excessive emotional feelings. Shyness. Excessive rigidity. Lack of communication.

Mamoã sem fundo.png




I cuddle myself in my light, expanding the essence that I freely am.

Benefits: Works on deceleration. Brings consciousness about the importance of rhythmic breathing. Stimulates quietude. Tranquilizes. Equalizes our emotional state of being complete with our essential nature. Cleans behaviour patterns that take us out of balance. Provides focus in activities, making better use of energy. Promotes comforting and cuddling sensations.

Symptoms: Hyperactivity. Tension by not satisfying an idealized self-image. Dispersive actions and thoughts. Difficulty in interiorizing feelings and experiences. The tendency to take an overload of responsibilities and take part in an exaggerated amount of activities. Lack of concentration. Insomnia.

Marupiara sem fundo.png




With exuberance I compose a chromatic symphony of happiness, cleaning the stiff vision of fearing happiness.

Benefits: Brings global vision. Cleans the sixth chakra. Strengthens intuition. Awakens a sense of collectiveness. Develops a broad, holistic perspective. Happiness. Excellent for group works and family activities.

Symptoms: Lack of focus due to excessive meticulous and detailing behaviour patterns. Redundant speeches. Exacerbated individualism. Sadness and loss of a positive vision. Pessimism. Poor emotional nutrition.

Moara sem fundo.png




Donation and exchange are my doorways toward universal love.

Benefits: Dissolves rigid behaviour patterns. Calms down an accelerated mind. Stabilizes. Neutralizes excessive worries. Works on vulnerability, awakening the sensation of value and abundance. Brings awareness about self and unconditional love. Excellent for group work developing a sense of collectiveness. Teaches a connection to what is being desired. Expands one’s infinite flow of love, springing  from the fountain of life. Promotes altruism and confidence in others.

Symptoms: Authoritarianism. Critical attitudes toward others. Irritability, envy, and impatience. Sudden anger explosions. Individuality. Hyperactivity. Instability. Selfishness. Possessive and controlling feelings. Difficulty in sharing. Need to draw attention toward oneself. Feeling needy.

Noronha sem fundo.png




The regenerating power of life fills me up and expresses through me!

Benefits: Vitality, regeneration, plentifulness, renovation

Symptoms: Lack of vitality, lack of enthusiasm, discouragement, loss of desire, difficulty in start-up projects and activities.

Obaiti sem fundo.png




Even in middle of divergences, I center myself guiding me, using the compass of my heart. In that way, I breakdown the patterns that block my growth.

Benefits: Balances the right and the left brain hemispheres. Promotes concentration. Develops the ability to listen attentively to others. Cleans and transforms obsolete patterns. Promotes the encounter between our greatest purpose in life and our desire, even in the middle of antagonistic and chaotic situations. Excellent for making decisions and for studying.

Symptoms: Hyper-stimulation. Behaviour that blocks growth. Conditioned and repetitive mistakes. Difficulty in studying. Loss of concentration. Antagonisms and difficulty in making decisions. The sensation of impurity and contamination. Difficulty in eliminating toxins from the organism. Rigidity.

Oribá sem fundo.png




I become aware, preserve, and emanate my original qualities, eliminating traits that are not true to my being.

Benefits: Teaches balanced breathing and the course of sexual tantric energy. Fights vulnerability. Accesses our creative potentials. Discovers our true vocations. Works on our essential identity.

Symptoms: Denying one’s capacity for self-healing. Lacking a sense of direction in life. Difficulty in knowing who we are and what we want. Lack of goals in life. Fear of death. Destructive vulnerability.

Oyamã sem fundo.png




I accept myself for who I am and change only what is changeable.

Benefits: Allows one to act with clear intentions. Differentiates one’s feelings from someone else’s. Offers vitality and assertiveness. Promotes honesty and confidence in our internal knowledge. Wipes troubled feelings and thoughts. Offers conviction. Inspires confidence. Promotes self-love and the ability to say no.

Symptoms: Low self-esteem. Depression, Indecision. Fear, anxiety. Distorted psychic and spiritual experiences. Difficulty in noticing the personal and the surrounding reality. Lack of energy. Social mask. False personality.

Pyatã sem fundo.png




My birth rips the earth bringing the strength of fertility and of life.

Benefits: Helps sharing. Liberates and purifies vital blocked passages. Opens up to the flow of sexuality and fertility. Helps to heal disturbed reproductive organs. Promotes concentration and confident incarnation. Offers vital strength. Develops the power of will. Fights depression and melancholy. Promotes the capacity to cope with physical and emotional challenges.   Stimulates preservation. Heightens perseverance. Brings immunity through its struggling qualities.

Symptoms: Convalescence. Sudden panic sensation. Lack of interest in life. Impotence. Solitude. Lack of appetite. Coward and servant attitude. Apprehension. Frustration. Fear of death. Lack of energy and vitality. AIDS and low immunity. Exhaustion, fatigue. Incapacity to notice one’s own value.

Renascer sem fundo.png




I integrate thought and want into my own being and confidently restart new cycles.

Benefits: Dissolves one’s dichotomy between thought and feeling. Opens a path of light based on unified feelings and self-expression. Dissolves the shield built around emotional centres and opens up to receive one’s owns light. Allows rebirth. Excellent for childbirth. Helps to learn with one’s own experience. Allows a confident start of new life cycles.

Symptoms: Difficulty adjusting to changes. A disconnection between mental, spiritual and emotional states. Changing schools, jobs, or homes. Inability to let go of old memories caused by traumas. Nostalgia. Repetitive mistakes. Difficulty in studying.

Revelação sem fundo.png




I transmute obstacles in growth and transform myself into a channel that brings healing to the planet.

Benefits: Reveals unconscious barriers that obstruct the flow of one’s expressions. Heightens one’s individual strength and emphasizes its energy. Promotes a flowing communication between soul and self. Acts as healing energy in an unconscious and balanced state. Promotes bursts of healing. Acts as a diuretic and a regulatory agent of the menstrual flow. Activates night dreaming abilities. Highlights one’s healing potentials, how to access them, and how to manifest them in one’s daily lives. Enlarges our perception. Brings lightness. Amplifies our visible space in a subtle, perceptive way. Good for promoting romantic attitudes.

Symptoms: Difficulty in comprehending behaviour patterns. Difficulty in respecting one’s internal rhythm. Difficulty in remembering dreams. Liquid retention. Difficulty in finding a direction to be followed in life; uncertainty about one’s professional career. Lack of satisfaction; frustration.

Rudá sem fundo.png




Through my harmony, I metabolize my life experiences and absorb the necessary nutrients for my evolution.

Benefits: Helps positively metabolize experiences and emotions. Promotes peace. Gives protection. Helps assimilate what we need to evolve. Allows concentration. Emergency essence of the Ararêtama system.

Symptoms: Uneasiness. Accidents. Difficulty in studying or working. Euphoria, depression, traumas.

Seiva sem fundo.png




I am the principle of abundance. I heal all sadness, transforming it into nourishment.

Benefits: Removes pain from the soul. Liberates emotional tension. Opens up the heart, scattering  spirituality throughout the body. Nourishes. Allows donation to be joyous, without sacrifices. Heightens femininity. Promotes self-esteem, the discovery of self-love and the ability to love others. Awakens spontaneous interests and brings abundance of love. Develops creativity and fertility. Brings vital strength and security towards one’s own beauty. Allows enthusiasm. Excellent for pregnancy.

Symptoms: Exhaustion and sensation of sudden emptiness. Abandonment. Traumas. Need for affection. Conflicts with one’s mother. Sadness caused bypassed events. Pessimism and negativity.  Intense hatred towards one’s physical body. Shame.

Soberania sem fundo.png




I am sovereign, anchored and complete, developing prosperity, affection and happiness.

Benefits: Works on self-esteem and self-value. Brings hope based on interior faith. Brings a secure expression of our feelings. Strengthens our inherent qualities. Helps to anchor our most subtle, personal qualities. Helps us establish limits towards what we want and what we don’t want anymore. Works as a musical instrument tuner, giving us the most sovereign tune.

Symptoms: Insecurity. Low self-esteem. Fear of exposure.  Lack of clarity. Pessimism. Rejection. Lack of power when facing situations. Submission.

Suri sem fundo.png




My truth is the source of my integrity and authenticity.

Benefits: Helpful for entering new cycles; for recognizing one’s own vulnerability and transforming it into strength; for working in groups and forming communication networks; for cleansing unconscious behaviour patterns that block the true evolution of self; for distinguishing clearly between the experiences that we attract and the internal emotional pattern that attracts those experiences; and for the construction of personal integrity.

Symptoms: Vulnerability, lack of focus, emotional confusion, the feeling of failure, sadness resulting from low self-esteem, lack of clear communication, and forgetfulness.

Tassi sem fundo.png



I grow and become strong in confident irradiation. I am my own  protector.

Benefits: Reestablishes the aura’s network when stricken by accidents, physical or emotional traumas, alcohol or drug abuse. Strengthens incarnation. Brings confidence and protection. Improves metabolism of energy centres (chakras and nadis).


Symptoms: Alcoholism. Drug addiction. Codependency and intoxication due to excessive use of psychiatric drugs. Constant use of sedatives. Emotional vulnerability. Panic syndromes. Traumas and accidents.

Tauá sem fundo.png




I open myself up to the flow of the golden light of creation.

Benefits: Stimulates and works on motivation towards life. Allows us to notice our enthusiasm and the importance and necessity of showing this quality on a daily basis. Allows us to realize that the meaning of our lives is in our own hands.  Strengthens stimuli to live and to positively value living. Brings to a conscious level one’s unproductive behaviour patterns and allows us to appropriately work on these patterns.

Symptoms: Depression. Lack of enthusiasm. Pessimism. Difficulty in finding motivation in life. Comprehension in the life cycle being experienced. Fear of death. Fear of life.

Thini-á sem fundo.png




I give in to the sacred flow of my guiding star, my light.

Benefits: Promotes a sensation of lightness. Allows giving in and connecting with the essential light. Heightens the internal glow expressed in confidence. Brings us the ability to live the present moment without being anxious about future incidents. Promotes perception and clarity. Recognizes and relaxes tension due to internal conflicts. Lightens movements.

Symptoms: Negative, possessive power. Fear. Anger. Hyper sensibility. Excessive repetitive thoughts. Insecurity. Absorption of the environment’s psychic toxins. Anxiety. Rigidity. Prejudice. Difficulty in opening up. Ambition. Control.

Uirá sem fundo.png




I direct the arrow of my wanting: focusing what is primarily to be reached.

Benefits: Objectivity. Skill, Strong persistence in conjunction with keen perception. Sense of humour. Simultaneously both action and intuition. Discernment. Flexibility. Attention. Etics.

Symptoms: Difficult in utilizing the available instruments in order to attain the objectives. Loss of objectivity. Dispersion, disgression. Rigidity.

Yatê sem fundo.png




In the conquered liberty to fly, I find what I need and transform obstacles into responsibility.

Benefits: Helps perceive what is necessary for us to work in ourselves in order to evolve. Points toward what needs to be worked on to reach a better balance. Helps in dealing with practical matters. Stimulates group work. Brings clarity to personal and transpersonal vision. Allows despoil with responsibility.

Symptoms: Lack of balance. Difficulty in organizing. Stagnation. Alienation. Need to change. Lack of clarity and objectiveness. Difficulty in working together with others.

Ybá sem fundo.png




I am the creative fire. My torch of desire is my path’s guiding star.

Benefits: Works on the principles of desire and will. Allows the enjoyment of pleasure. Brings hope, disposition, strength and vitality. Cleans the aura. Intensifies orgastic potential, receptiveness and sexual vitality. Helps on the diagnosis. Dissolves pain nodules. A co-worker on acupuncture, shiatsu and massage sessions. Gives the capacity to enter the unknown.

Symptoms: Stress. Absence of the fire element. Lack of desire, and of sexual energy. Physical pain (external use). Fear of the dark, of the unknown. Lack of hope.

Field sem fundo.png




With strong inner structure, I open myself for co-creative and synergistic connection.

Benefits: Develop a strong emotional foundation. Open to new social connections. Helps to create a vortex/field.

Symptoms: Insecurity, loneliness, lack of faith, egocentrism.