Sandra is committed to consider that each individual emanates, and builds, from a unique inner design that manifests itself through their gifts, passions and life purpose.

​Sandra offers Coaching for individuals and enterprises, educational programs and Workshops, helping people find synergy between their Talents, Passion and Direction in life through the integration of 3 personal ecologies – self development, excellence in relationships and a positive impact the world – each individual taking responsibility for their own process.



One to One Coaching services offered by Sandra Epstein 

Where do I start?

Send direct message to Sandra Epstein or the website contact form.

In this message, share your basic information, comprising your full name, date of birth, country where you live and skype address. Briefly describe the moment you are presently experiencing and tell her if there is a specific issue you want to work on.

Can I book just one single session?

Yes, to start your coaching work with Sandra you may begin by scheduling only one initial session and at any time, you may ask for another single session.

However, our sessions are so rich that it is very likely that you will find you will want Sandra to design a special

3-months-program that will include vibrational essences chosen specifically for you.

And, in this case, you will commit to this three month program.

What happens after I send my email with the necessary information?

Sandra will personally answer your message and will direct you to the agreed payment option. Once your payment has been received, she will set up an appointment time for a session.

Sandra will make the most to adjust to your available times. Her experience is that one can easily work between time frames and hemispheres!

How long does a Coaching session last?

Each session lasts 1 hour, and is done via Skype.

Do I need to define the issue to be worked on? Can it be more general?

While Sandra always asks for a list of issues you may want to talk about during the session, it may happen that you are not sure what is the specific issue or question you want to work on.

This should not stop you, as once we begin a session, your main needs will come up and become clear.

You may feel that you are moving through a period of transition and / or you may need help to make a decision or choose a certain path. These are very pertinent issues to work on.

Or you may simply want to have someone to talk with, that can help you reorganize your internal space. Listening to another point of view than your own can always bring greater perspective and clarity.

Do you record our sessions? How can I listen to the recording?

Yes, all the sessions are recorded and a digital file is made available for download.
You can listen to them using any device or computer that plays audio files.

Do I need to prepare for a session?

Openness and receptivity are important ingredients for a therapeutic conversation!

And for my own preparation as your coach, I would appreciate if you can send me a list of your main issues as soon as our session or sessions are scheduled.

In case I choose for a series of sessions that will include the essences, can I expect extra or quicker results?

The speed of the results of any process with flower and vibrational essences will depend on your awareness of the process you are going through, on the moment in life you are experiencing, and it also depends on the dedication and attention you are able to give to your inner processes.

And, essentially, on your intention to really go through the transformation.

The response varies for each individual, and this always reminds me of the unfolding of a flower and of the rhythm of nature.

And that is why we like the ongoing or more extensive work: it allows Sandra to hear your feedback at each cycle, evaluating your process, making adjustments, offering guidance, as your life unfolds and blossoms.

Will more sessions be needed?

What we have found from working with hundreds of individuals over time, is that by going deeper and working in a more comprehensive way the results are greatly fulfilling and long lasting.

You are always welcome to book single sessions according to your needs, but the commitment to a series, following a constant pace, will help you benefit more from this work and make your investment of time and resources really worthwhile.

Sandra will be very happy to hear you will grant her the opportunity to help you go deeper through a series of sessions of this coaching work!

Looking forward to working with you!


Sandra Epstein and I met in 2009 and ever since she has been critical to my personal growth. In our regular coaching sessions she has addressed issues of great importance to me, resulting in increased clarity about my life journey, individual power and a marked reduction in frustration.

Sandra is both loving and non-judgemental in her approach. Her innate ability to truly uncover the core of what may be blocking my progress has allowed me to push beyond my own perceived limitations to magically transform in several fundamental areas of my life.

Sandra has helped me to create and implement significant and necessary changes that enriched my life enormously.
She will always be somebody that I deeply value as I travel on my path.”

Radka Dohnalova, Consultant at McKinsey& Company