Openness, passion, market vision, impulse.

Linked to purpose and vision.

Curiosity, intuition, flexibility, courage

Linked to vision and strategy.

Focus, global vision, correct timings, synchronicity.

Linked to strategy and discipline.

Clarity, assertiveness, sense of humour, affection.

-Linked to discipline and purpose.

This Aromatic spray was designed to balance environment and promote focus.

Aroma: Lavender essential oil and eucalyptus.

The Wealth Mandala

3 months program guided by the vibrational essences of the Atlantic Forest

The Wealth Mandala set was designed to help in developing projects and ground new ideas. It will help to individuals or teams to manifest their vision. 

You can find some new opportunities here to maintain constant renew flow!

You can observe the whole company or group field achieving better results while going through the Wealth Mandala.


There are 5 main topics, to help to open up the creative dimension, as well as the steps to ground the ideas and be productive!



Each topic contains a sequence of essences of the Wealth Mandala Set.

During each week it`s important to answer the questions concerning each topic in the questionnaire. They were specially designed for you as a guidance.

















Related essences should be used on a weekly basis, 3 drops 3 times a day.

Every Sunday a new essence should be started.

Creativity - Innovation - Organization - Communication

Spray your working space with Aura Leve while using essences.

When you finish the sequence, repeat it second time.

You can take the path of  Wealth Mandala in a 3 month programme or, if you wish to devote a deeper attention to it, there is a possibility to do so through a 9 month programme.

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