The Wise Wo-Man

3 Ecologies

21 weeks evolving journey guided by the vibrational essences of the Atlantic Forest

Welcome to this 21 weeks program, where you will be able to be conscious about the main pillars of your daily life, as well to change what is necessary so you can adjust your present life into a more joyful existence.


We are able to refine ourselves every day, and Ararêtama developed a method, to guide you for it, through the 3 ecologies. When we develop awareness towards these 3 aspects of our lives, we can also evolve on a personal level, as well as a human specie, helping the planet become a better place to be.


Self Management


Refining your relationships and bringing more quality to them


Presenting the main topics to work perfectly in groups

 Developing projects that bring to the planet an evolutive approach, respect to the natural resources



The journey is split into three parts using four sets of Ararêtama essences.



15 weeks


Self Care Set - 5 weeks process 

Follow the essence sequence bellow, 1 essence per week, taking 5 drops of the bottle 3 times a day.


Wellbeing - helps to develop awareness about health and emotional balance. 

Self value -  helps to develop personal love and care 

Calmness -  helps to calm down and be cantered 

Exuberance -   helps to feel pleasure in life 

Discipline -    helps to organize and be productive 

Night - take 5 drops of Integration ( Complementary box ) before going to sleep.


Kit Caixa Cuidando de Si - Sábias.png

 Taking Care of Others Set - 5 weeks process 

Follow the sequence bellow, one essence per week, taking 5 drops of the bottle 3 times a day.


Respect - helps to develop personal respepect and ability to say no. 

Communion - helps to understand others. 

Lovingness - helps to awaken affection despite the diferences. 

Responsibility - helps to develop ability to interact with the life events. 

Nourishment - helps to feel nurtured and nurter others. 

Night - take 5 drops of Delight (Complementary Box) before going to sleep.

Kit Caixa Cuidando do Outro - Sábias.png
Kit Caixa Cuidando da Comunidade - Sábia

Community Care Set - 5 week process 

Follow the sequence below, one essence per week, taking 5 drops of the bottle 3 times a day.


Cooperation - helps to work in teams and groups. 

Compassion - helps to develop empathy. 

Ethics - helps to be aware of the main rules to promote the best, while working with others. 

Mission - helps to become aware of our activities and our presence on the planet. 

Acuity - helps to be precise and focused on what is a priority. 

Night - take 5 drops of Enjoyment (Complementary Box) before going to sleep.




5 weeks


The process involves 3 bottles each time. 

3 bottles per week, taking 3 drops of each 3 times a day and follow the sequence:


Week1 - Well-Being + Respect + Cooperation 

Week 2 - Self Value + Communion + Compassion 

Week 3 - Calmness + Lovingness + Ethics 

Week 4 - Exuberance + Responsibility + Mission 

Week 5 - Discipline + Nourishment + Acuity 

Night - take 5 drops of Intention (Complementary Box) before going to sleep.



1 week


Complementary Set - 1 week process

Integration helps balance our 3 centres: instinctive, emotional and intellectual.


Take 7 drops of Renovation (Inside Complimentary Box)

The Complementary Box will be used as Night Combination as well as to conclude the

21 weeks!


Delight helps to find pleasure in all our activities. 

Enjoyment helps to transform anger and pettiness into joy 

Intention helps to direct desires in synergy with action. 

Renovation helps to bring renewed energy!


There are 3 possibilities:

  • individually with 20 essences Wise Wo-man  (you will receive also our ebook with tasks, questionnaires and instructions how to follow)

  • individually with essences + book consultation with Sandra Epstein

  • workshop (minimum 6 people)