This Workshop is: for all individuals who seek to understand human behavior; essential for the ones who serve in helping professions
Activities: Dance, meditation, classes

The Subtle Bodies

In this powerful Workshop we experience living with full presence, sensitivity and empathy. Our ability to connect and create deep friendships and meaningful relationships is awakened. This life changing experience will also activate creativity and inner power.
The Subtle bodies workshop is a journey through our inner world, as well as an experience of how we can express ourselves more fully. It helps you understand, and fully own, the many levels of your potential!

The Seven Laws of Human Behavior


First Body
Strength – Physiology of Survival

Early conditioning
Beliefs, culture
Clearing Genetic Patterns

Second Body
Empathy – Relationship Physiology

The universe of feeling
Relationships, projections, expectations, dependencies
A model for relating in the XXIst century
The laws of breathing

Third Body
Power – Physiology of personal power

Individuality and personal power
The universe of images
Strength and vulnerability
Discernment and judgement

Fourth Body
Love – Physiology of Love

Thinking patterns
The brain – the mind
Intuition and empty space for creativity
Spiritual Love

Fifth Body
Creativity – Physiology of Freedom

Flexibility and the development of one’s potential
Responsibility and freedom
Development of one’s talents

Sixth Body
Clarity – Physiology of Consciousness

Freedom from projections and identification
Vision – the awakening of consciousness

Seventh Body
Innocence – Spiritual Physiology

From personal to universal
The crown of light

The Ararêtama Essences
Application to subtle bodies
Araretama essences as tools for Integration and Transformation