This Workshop is: for men and women who desire to embody the essential qualities of the deep Feminine within
Activities: physical movement and guided journeys require comfortable clothing and a warm blanket to lie upon

2 Modules workshop

or 1 year ongoing group

The Thirteen Matriarch - Sisterhood

The Thirteen Matriarchs - a feminine fraternity seminar

Going deep into the roots of our Feminine Heritage to reflect and transform behavior, as a portal to a new planetary cycle

The goal of this seminar is to remind women of their inherent principles, helping the creation of a planetary culture through the marriage between anthropological legacy and technology. It brings sensitivity and perception between Masculine and Feminine, showing women how they have always been the ones who have held and sustained union and the preservation of community principles.

Connect with: deep ancestral Feminine Principles
Study: the 13 ethical attitudes

the change between generations
that carried sacrifice pain and guilt
moving towards the creation of a new
planetary cycle of freedom with responsibility


Jamie Sams’ work on the 13 Clan Mothers has been a source of inspiration for Sandra Epstein’s The 13 Matriarchs Workshop and her wisdom has guided the outline of this extensive workshop.

In this program, Atlantic Rainforest Wisdom is interwoven, in a unique way, with these precious ancient perspectives, and flower essences are presented, integrated with physical activities, music and special group dynamics.

Honoring the ancestral cultural heritage that humanity has created through millennia is of fundamental importance. On this basis, the Araretama Educational System has this module as one of its foundational pieces.

This course is part of the Araretama Training for Certification, as part of its commitment towards education for the creation of a new planetary culture, a result of the marriage between anthropological legacy and technology.

We will work on 13 Ethical Values and their central themes:
1 ) Relationships
2 ) Sacred Traditions
3 ) Equality
4 ) Vision
5 ) Listening
6 ) The Story teller
7 ) Unconditional Love
8 ) The Healer
9 ) The Setting Sun
10 ) The Weaver
11 ) Leadership
12 ) Gratitude
13 ) Compassion