This Workshop is: for all individuals interested in self development and profound personal healing; basic for leaders, healers and helpers
Activities: dance, meditation, experiential classes, guided healing journeys

Mandala Araretama

Meet the rich biodiversity of the Atlantic Rainforest, learn about its wisdom and meaning for mankind and planetary evolution. Understand this dynamic system that awakens qualities and harmonizes the individual through principles and subtle healing gifts offered by the Rainforest.
Help yourself and acquire elements to help you family and community!

This module of the Basic Araretama Training is geared to practitioners applying integrative approaches, education and health professionals and the self development of individuals in general.
Araretama Certification: This is a Basic Module for the Araretama training of Certified facilitators
Includes: class notes, materials and Certificate of Participation


I - The rich biodiversity of the Atlantic Rainforest as an interface for self knowledge

  • Meaning of this biodiversity for humanity: true communion that respects differences

II - The Araretama Mandala – the 33 researched plants

  • Studying the virtues of these plants and learning to work on our inner diversity

III - The Araretama Educational system

  • A new Therapeutic Model
  • The Emotional Fitness Program – an emotional body gym
  • Learning and evolving with the 33 plants
  • How to develop your own authentic expression and self esteem
  • How to discover and harmonize your personal positive power
  • How to direct your productive qualities

IV - The Essential Araretama – Family Kit

  • Working on Family Harmony

V - Aqua Ignea – a range of living cosmetics

  • The Eight colors and their healing virtues

VI - Social Work

  • Helping the community