Intelligence of Love - 3 ecologies

Love is a Universal Intelligence and it can be understood (in our dimension of living) through a systemic structure. Awareness, Consciousness, Ethics are some of the  pillars of this intelligence.

Awareness - related evolution - needs to consider, in human species, 3 different centers (that function through 3 different laws in expressions). 

1. instinctive - because of survival and fear, we separate ourselves from each other; we live in different tribes/cultures. 

2. emotional - we seek emotionally for fusion, for acceptance, for being loved. 

3. intellectual - we organize our perceptions into conceptions.

The Intelligence of Love is a potential source of evolution - and a model to be developed through conscious exercise related the synergy between the 3 ecologies. Only through assertive observation of our inner dichotomies it  is possible to make conscious and consistent choices towards an educated action for a new dimension of evolution.

 Evolution is possible when we really get the synergistic wave from these 3 ecologies

Ecology 1 : Taking care of yourself/Self Management/observing and guiding the dichotomies generated by the 3 different centers (that can function separately or in synergy) and refining  daily. 

Ecology 2 : Taking care of your relationship with others - refining your relationships and bringing more quality to them. 

Ecology 3: Taking Care of the Community - develop projects that bring to the planet an evolutive approach, respect the natural resources. Work through self management programs inside corporations and companies. Organize the communities to develop sustainable projects.