Emergence - the birth of new field

Chakras, as we know for millenniums, are centers that weave the tapestry of our behaviors: to understand their function and we aware to open them, is only the first step in evolution. The moment we understand their qualities, we open the new step: this workshop is about it. It gives a key to open the new understanding, which are the main pillars to build the bridge for us to transform our deep instinct FEAR into TRUST.

  • How to overcome the feeling of not being loved, to BELONGING?
  • Why is so important that when you communicate, you feel resonance that somebody understands you from the heart?
  • Where is located the Fear and the daily exercise to overcome it.

Workshop program:

We will learn, how to allow our inner emotional contents to rise up, without fear, without identification that blocks our flow; Is the deep sense of trust in a systemic existential view, that opens the gate!

5 steps we will focus:

  • HONESTY – Is only possible if we are not tied in fixed believe systems of thinking: involves originality, connectivity and integrity.
  • DIVERSITY – Turn our instinct of resonance into exchange and learning through differences
  • FIELD - Marriage between our individuality with the sense of belonging


  1. FAITH – Marriage between trust and creativity.
  2. GENTLENESS – Marriage between diversity, honesty and field. We need to refine the habit in communication to open up affection and effective response.