In this workshop we will liberate blocks in the areas of: fear, clarity, strength, maturity through dance and movement expression which we call "paradoxes".


how to integrate the basic principles of new culture: freedom, responsibility and trust

We live in a time of transition to a new planetary cycle, and we are responsible for creating a new culture that is based on cooperation and fundamental principles, such as freedom, responsibility and trust. The aim of the seminar is to awaken the potential for applying these principles in us. Without them, we could be quite stubborn and detachment from reality.

Workshop Cycles is a sharing space, where we will talk about the individual steps of evolution and where we will practice changes, and this will bring you the ability to recognize what hinders your development.

Especially for this workshop Sandra Epstein created in the forest an original essence "CYCLES" that each participant will receive as a gift. This essence teaches one to perceive the situation in many different angles, looking at the different levels, as well how to prevent fear paralyzed us. It teach both through the clarity and strength how to create our life journey.

CYCLES is 2 days workshop or 1 year ongoing journey.