Araretama Essences from the Heart of the Atlantic Rainforest

imbe4 big copyAraretama essences are natural infusions made from flowers and plants of the Atlantic Rainforest. Their preparation is done right where these plants and flowers grow and thrive, in ways that allow them to remain in full interconnection with the earth and / or the surrounding life.

These essences have been developed and are the result of original research by Sandra Epstein.

Essences carry healing information from a powerful and clean environment and are present in all our products.

Araretama Essences, are at the core of the Araretma System. They are offered as stock essences, and also are an essential part of Araretama’s line of Live Cosmetis. And they are at the heart of Sandra Epstein’s Emotional Fitness Program.

You can gain deeper insight on these special Atlantic Rainforest Vibrational Essences and experience deep inner healing and transformation by participating in our workshops.