Do you need relaxation?

Do you wish to be present, focus, calm?

just exercise our movement meditation with Rainforest plants

How to learn?

The Emotional Fitness Movement Meditation Practice

thini-a4 Each plant researched by the Araretama System teaches us to open ourselves to manifest inner qualities. They also they offer messages, affirmations and deep archetypal qualities that we can express through our bodies.

This is Emotional Fitness Movement Meditation: when we express ourselves empathically, by feeling each plant and their message, we teach ourselves to become this message, and manifest these beautiful qualities.
   The Emotional Fitness practice is wonderful when done every day, if possible. By doing the whole sequence one time, you already feel completly centered, calm, in a state of open clarity.  You can repeat the whole sequence one, two, three, or four times as a body-mantra, a sequence of movements that will incrementally help you develop flexibility in your behavior, for a fully flowing and centered life.