Sandra Epstein

SandraAn Educator in essence and action and an innovative consultant for these new times, Sandra Epstein has the experience and ability to implement creative solutions that establish cooperation and balance amidst diversity.
This comes from her extensive research on the biological intelligence of the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil, a living example of cooperation with respect for differences between species. The principles and wisdom embodied by this forest are urgently needed, if humanity is to truly evolve and thrive.

Based on these principles and wisdom, where creativity, flexibility, empathy and responsibility are the vortex of a healthy society, she has developed multifaceted work and offerings. Her company, Araretama, brings together her research on flowers and plants through a special line of vibrational essences and cosmetics and a range of integrative educational projects.

Sandra offers Coaching for individuals and enterprises, educational programs and Workshops, helping people find synergy between their Talents, Passion and Direction in life through the integration of 3 personal ecologies – self development, excellence in relationships and a positive impact the world – each individual taking responsibility for their own process.

A multicultural life experience, nature connection and unique offerings

My name is Sandra Epstein and I was born in Brazil, South America, from German parents. I see myself as embodying a unique fusion of the German logical way of thinking with the wilderness and freedom of South America. My own life is a living example of successful integration, resulting in the creation of a unique path: I express myself through art, photography, movement, and I have degrees in Education, and research that integrates concepts of Quantum physics and Neuroscience.

Nature has always strongly influenced my perception and therefore, besides German and Portuguese, I became finely attuned to its language: it wasn’t just human words I listened too, but stories shared by the wind soughing through trees, the flowing melody of leaves, rain, insects, wild birds.

The decision to study pedagogy at the academy of Art came as I realized the need to develop new methods to help people in the domain of creativity.

Through my company Araretama, its educational programs, individual and group coaching and its line of unique products, I am able to share what I learnt through years of original research on the wisdom and healing offered by the Atlantic Rainforest.

The experiences I offer integrate art (dance, collages, performance) with education (understanding and methods for self development). The workshops reconnect ancestral anthropological knowledge with our present time and daily life, and are designed to combine body movement and dance with introspection and mental reflection. As a coach/therapist I connect empathically with my clients seeing their multiple expressions: my passion is to help them understand, integrate and express their feelings, difficulties and wishes.