Over these 27 years, several partnerships have been established between Araretama and healers, Masters, entrepreneurs, therapists, and musicians. Some became our representatives; some became partners and collaborate in their own flow and rhythm.


Global Institute for Extraordinary Women is a global multi-dimensional platform for transformational education, connection and synergistic collaboration of conscious woment leaders around the world to bring about the new culture based on expressing feminine qualities. Global Institute for Extraordinary Women is a space - both virutal and physical - for women to meet and be empowered in such a way that they develop and apply their insight in the Constellation of Extraordinary Women. This is disgned in aligment with the geometry that operates powerfully and harmoniously in nature and specifically in the Atlantic Rainforest, one of the biggest biodiversity on Earth.


At ATAIRU, they develop leaders and drive the development of diverse talent through a new model of leadership. Atairu model starts with own identity, fears and limiting behavioural patterns, and proceeds to sharing with others and finding synergies with them. In their approach, being a leader does not necessarily mean holding a formal position or acquiring special knowledge or abilities, leadership is mainly about developing one´s unique identity.