Rainforest Wisdom offers us a model on how to thrive amidst diversity through creative cooperation

imbe1 What makes life so abundant and multiple in this forest? How can countless beings of varied forms and different needs, live in balance sharing limited resources such as space, water, sunshine and scarce nutrients?

The answer lies on the fact that it is not the rules of competition which prevail, but actually those of cooperation. From scarcity and diversity, abundance and balance is generated. The key words are collaboration, self-organization, interdependency, resilience, freedom, originality, creativity and respect.

How to prosper from diversity instead of fighting it? How to evolve, without threatening the life and well being of all species? How to create abundance where there is a sense of scarcity? How to create resilience and undertake change in a positive way?

In this moment in history, when the pillars of the current model of society are being deeply questioned, this forest is a legacy of wisdom.

The Araretama System, a Therapeutic and Educational Platform, brings forth Sandra Epstein’s research on the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest. Through her studies, she developed a whole paradigm to collaborate with the creation of a new planetary culture using the biological social behaviors from plants, as an example of collaboration for humanity’s evolution.

As a species, we are instinctively oriented to separate ourselves from others that are different in race and culture. The very opposite happens in the Atlantic Rainforest: plants come together and it is through their differences that they build a whole tapestry of life, weaving a complex web that supports creative survival and abundance.