Araretama is a Therapeutic and Educational Platform
inspired by the Atlantic Raiforest

This platform consists of Essences composing a Mandala of self-knowledge, a line of Therapeutic Products and an Emotional Fitness program, all based on Sandra Epstein’s original research.



Araretama Essences have their origin in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest, one of the biggest biodiversities of the planet.
You may use essences for specific conditions – to help you feel better, balancing your emotions and states of mind – and for this, you will select the essence that applies to each condition.

And you may also use the essences by following the Ararêtama Mandala – a step by step emotional gym class, that leads to a progressive immersion into the behavioral universe of each person. Each essence is used with a series of exercises, enhancing and promoting self-development. Learn more about the Emotional Fitness Programs created by Sandra Epstein.