We focus on care about ourselves

We learn how to become a star. To become a star means that I can deal with my fear,
I´m open and I´m experience my life.
The point is to really be able to deal with our fear, to have clarity who I am and what is my mission and what I wish to do, to be flexible and creative. I´ m a star who creates and lives a better quality of life.

In the Araretama system we can grow and develop our 1st ecology in this way:

  • Mandala Araretama - Emotional Fitness (8 month journey)
  • Masters of Success (three weeks journey)
  • Wise Wo-Man (five weeks journey)
  • Secret of Life and Wealth Mandala (4 weeks journey)
  • Guardians (5 weeks journey)
  • Spices for the Soul